What is Magic ???

We all love Magic, but feel hard to believe them, is'nt it ?

We think it’s a just a game to deceive our eyes.

Actually we are right, whatever happens around us, is a magic or miracle till it deceives us.

The moment we find the process behind it, we call it phenomenon.

But every Phenomenon has a Magic hidden. How ??? Lets explore !

What is Phenomenon ?

Its an event already realized & understood (Eg: Sunrise)

What is Magic or Miracle ?

Its an event that is realized but not yet fully understood (Eg: Mystery of the Black Holes)

And what is Unknown Magic ?

Magic which we are yet to Realize that happens

The 'Wonder' of the Universe is - there are numerous magic / miracle that have been realized and many more to be realized

Watch the universe from the above view, you will see Magic everywhere

It’s Magical Universe .. Isn't it ???

(Image Courtesy - Google)

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