Secrets of Diwali

The Indian Festival of Diwali, the biggest Hindu Festival by far, is celebrated as a celebration of win by Lord Rama over Ravana & rescued his wife Sita

If we explore the story of Diwali closely, you will find Ravana, denotes your knowledgeable mind coated with desires & attachments

Sita is the body energy that is drained due to indulgence with attachments

By nature Rama represents Calmness and Honesty which has many Vanaras in his Army, the Army is led by Hanuman who flies like Wind.

The correlation goes with our Body, Breath and Mind.

How many times do we feel our Mind knows what to do, but it is stuck in attachments & greed that leads to your Energy getting drained. The Energy is Sita that is captured by the attachments (Ravana).

Only when a calm & big mind (Rama) with control over 5 senses (Vanaras) meditates on the breath (Pawan Putra Hanuman), we can defeat the attachments (Ravana) & win the energy (Sita) back with the calm mind (Rama)

Meditation is the key here, Meditate over Long deep breath with a calm mind, you will start feeling your energy back and your attachments diminishing.

Worth trying out ??? :-D

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